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Making non-biased, objective hiring decisions can be daunting without the right tools and data. Especially now when many workplaces are remote, in-person, or somewhere in between.

Our data-driven assessments empower organizations to select the right people for the right job, matching people to roles based on the most critical job-specific traits to succeed.

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Why The Assessment Company

Why Is The Assessment Company Different?

Identify & Match Talent To Organizational Needs
Our data-driven assessments empower organizations to select the right people for the right job, matching people to roles based on the most critical job-specific traits to succeed in your organization.

Improve Your Team's Interviewing and Onboarding
Achieve non-biased consistency in your interviewing across your entire organization with our reporting suite. With safe, targeted interview questions, we even tell you what to listen for in the interview. Our Coaching Reporting provides your managers with what they need to know to onboard quickly and coach new hires. 

Assessments With "Smart" Technology
When you think of smart cars, smartphones, and smart TVs, we offer the only major "Smart" assessment on the market. This allows you to use one tool for every position.

More Value  
All-inclusive, and we mean it! We don't nickel and dime our clients. You see, we're different; whether you have a small company with 10 or 10,000 employees, we deliver results that will get results and exceed your expectations. It's that simple.
John Beck, The Assessment Company
A Message From Our CEO

My Personal Commitment to You

We aren't salespeople; we do not have one person in our company in that role or job title. We have an owner-operator model. I am personally involved with every single client. You'll have my cell number. 

Unlike our competitors, their salespeople will tell you that you need the healthcare assessment, customer service, sales assessment, management assessment, or no, you need the aptitude assessment! Really? It's just their job, and I get it! 

For me, this isn't a job; this is my passion. I am committed to being your guide and drawing upon my 30-plus years in the assessment industry, where I will understand your unique business objectives and offer you an appropriate assessment solution. As a bonus, if I need a solution that meets your needs, I will help you find one that does.


John P. Beck, Jr. 

Principal & President

The Assessment Company®


What Our Clients Are Saying

"The Assessment Company made it very easy for me to get started using the PXT Select instrument. I used it to evaluate just a few candidates for a key position, and the results surprised me. One of the candidates that I expected to show the best match to the job profile showed a much lower match than some of the others. I'll use PXT Select and The Assessment Company in the future for evaluating candidates. It's affordable and well worth the cost."

Phillip Dennis,
Principal, Watkyn LLC

"The Assessment Company has assisted me through the candidate selection process for 20 years at my previous company and I am now introducing to my new employer. I value the information and insight provided the PXT Select assessments and these are awesome tools for manager coaching as well. Highly recommend working with Kyli Becnel."

-Beryl Stokes
20 Year Client

"I have had the privilege of working with Kyli Becnel and John Beck over 8 years ago while working for another company. I’ve since recommended the PXT Select assessment tool to the senior leadership team at my current company. We are very impressed with The Assessment Company’s cutting-edge assessment tool and are looking forward to the positive impact it will have on our organization."

-Lesa J Catalon-
VP of Human Resources, Tides Medical

State of Hiring

Mitigating Unconscious Bias during Hiring and Selection


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Unconscious bias in hiring and selection can significantly impact an organization’s ability to hire diverse and qualified candidates, as its automatic and elusive nature makes it hard to recognize and address. We explore this impactful topic in our "State Of Hiring" Whitepaper.