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As a fellow SHRM Member I would like to introduce our organization to you, the membership. For over 25 years, The Assessment Company has evolved to meet the needs of our customers — from Pre-Employment, Talent Management, Workforce Development and advanced Behavioral Assessments Solutions.  

We represent and deliver employee assessment solutions designed to meet your business objectives. No other firm in the industry has the best in class offerings, experienced leadership, and talented workforce to ensure results that will exceed your expectations. 

As a small token of our appreciation I would like to offer the Membership of your  SHRM to sample one of our newest solutions at no cost. (One Sample per membership) 

Simply click on the demo link provided below and we’ll deliver your personal reports directly to your email. If you find the information valuable we are offering a SHRM Member exclusive package. If you have other needs please see a list of all of our assessment solutions. 

AVP Assessment (Attitude-Values-Personality)  This powerful employee assessment solution provides FOUR Major Reports for business intelligence to help with decision support in hiring, training, and performance management. 


 1. Safety Quotient (SQ) helps identify the high-risk personality traits (impulsiveness, distractibility, rule-resistance, irritability, etc.) that lead to human error and preventable incidents.  

2. Driver Safety Quotient (DSQ) helps companies understand a driver's likelihood of crashes, near misses, traffic violations, property damage, and more. The DSQ helps ensure a safer roadway for everyone.  

3. Workstyle &Performance Profile (WPP) reveals each participant's workstyle, strengths, and areas for improvement. The WPP results can be used for hiring, training, and performance management.  

4. WVA report can help decrease negative outcomes such as employee absenteeism, turnover, theft, fraud, violence, and increase positive outcomes such as teamwork, employee engagement, productivity, customer satisfaction, profitability, and more.   

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