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PXT Select™

PXT Select™ is the first major business assessment with computer adaptive assessment technology built in. An online selection assessment measures a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behaviors, and interests. It provides organizations with actionable, objective data about candidates in a simple-to-understand format to assist you in the interview. 

Everything DiSC®

Unlock the potential of your people and the power of your culture with the Everything DiSC® Application Suite. The only DiSC® with adaptive assessment technology built-in. Whether cultivating working relationships, developing managers, improving leadership effectiveness, confronting conflict with the power of a positive approach, or unlocking the key to emotional intelligence.


We have a unique focus on Behavioral Risk, predicting the likelihood of people’s inherent “hard wiring” for a positive attitude, conformity, achievement orientation, responsibility, communication, coachability, aggression, distractibility, and more.​

From one survey input of 10-15 minutes, you can receive ANY or ALL of over ten reports.

The Five Behaviors®

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ has a simple goal: To create a learning experience that helps build effective teams. Individuals and organizations reveal what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team in the most approachable, competent, and effective way possible. 

Driver Safety Quotient

This online employee safety assessment provides employers and drivers valuable insight into their natural driving styles. The DSQ measures 6 Personality Dimensions that have been linked to unsafe behaviors, which can lead to incidents and injuries on the road and in the workplace.


The AVP (Attitude-Values-Personality) is our core employee behavior assessment. We’ve bundled our 4 popular behavioral assessments into one easy-to-use survey, providing employers with deep pre-hire and coaching insights for Workstyle, Work Values, and Safety Risk within minutes.

Driver Safety Training

 This 1-hour online session provides participants with practical advice about monitoring their own natural impulses and kneejerk reactions to driving situations.

The course teaches them how to make safer decisions and modify their behaviors. The adaptive course content changes for each individual’s unique DSQ profile, so they receive more personalized training rather than a one-size-fits-all experience.

Safety Self-Awareness Training

The Safety Self-Awareness (SSA) training program provides personalized, self-guided courses to educate participants on how personality contributes to safety risks on the job. Two-course levels for frontline workers and safety managers help reduce incidents by 30%.

These online eLearning on-demand courses take about an hour to complete and provide participants with a completion certificate in Safety-Self-Awareness Training.

Safety Culture Survey

The Safety Culture Survey (SC) assesses safety at an organizational level. The Safety Culture Survey is a powerful way to challenge safety assumptions by measuring actual attitudes, sentiments, and commitment to safety at all levels of the organization.

The Safety Culture Survey provides invaluable business intelligence for decision support around safety initiatives, culture, employer branding, employee engagement, and more.

Business Reasoning Assessment

Business Reasoning (BR) is a skills assessment that measures advanced language/verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and problem-solving capabilities. BR helps employers make stronger hiring and development decisions while increasing job fit for leadership and complex roles. 

The assessment takes approximately 25-30 minutes. Once completed, a report is automatically generated that contains insight into a candidate’s strengths, feedback on areas for development, training tips, and suggested interview questions based on report results.

English Proficiency Testing

The English Proficiency (EP) is a skills test that measures a person's ability to review written English, use correct grammar, understand the meaning of words, and type error-free sentences. Typing Speed is measured as well. 

The assessment measures English language competencies, including writing, vocabulary, typing speed, and accuracy. The Employer Report provides insight into an individual's English language skills.

Sports Performance Profile

Sports Performance Profile (SPP) behavioral assessment to create more cohesive and productive teams with an average of 12% higher output than low-performing teams.

Understand each player’s strengths, coachability, and values. Gain insight into how unique personality differences impact performance. Learn how to communicate with and motivate each athlete differently.
Help your players understand and support one another, on and off the field of play. Build team culture, engagement, and a winning attitude.

Employee Engagement Survey

The Employee Engagement Survey (EE) measures workforce sentiment to help organizations understand what their employees really think. This diagnostic scan of workforce sentiment provides a gap analysis between what leaders think is happening in the organization and what is really happening.

Online Employment Proctoring

 Our services provide the means for verifying the identity of job candidates before an assessment to ensure the candidate is not cheating or getting unauthorized support. Our Online proctoring systems provide access to a proctor via a webcam or by using a combination of technological means such as browser lockdown, voiceprint, keystroke or other biometrics, or analysis of video generated during an exam.

Pathway Planner

Pathway Planner™ is an in-depth personal assessment you can use as an educational and career planning tool to discover which career possibilities best suit you. Research shows that when you find the right career match, your probability of success and satisfaction increases dramatically. 

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